Hot Embers Club

Cobra Chilli proudly presents:

The Hot Embers Club

Because youre now a supporter and friend of Cobra Chilli, we would love to invite you to join our Hot Embers Club.

Here are some benefits of the Club:

·       FREE membership

·       15% off nearly all on-line purchases

·       FREE "pre/new-release" sauces with next order (when available)

·       Masterclass Invitations (as they come up)

·       Regular Newsletter containing:

o   chilli & sauce reviews

o   fun facts

o   recipe ideas

o   industry news

o   festival dates

·       Entertaining ideas

All you have to do to join is create a user account here:

(If you're already a customer - THANK YOU - just skip to the next step)

Then shoot us a message to say that you have been invited to join the Hot Embers Club here:

and well slot you into the Hot Embers Club and send you a message saying that youre all good to go.

When you log on next, youll see your special pricing on everything and you can go shopping. Yippee!